We traveled around the country to discover the coming year’s most worthwhile, exciting destinations to visit in America in 2019.


To Savannah, with Love:
The Creepy, Cool, Romantic Magic of This Southern City

Savannah is one of those places that gives you a cool, creepy vibe even if you’ve never set foot inside the city limits. It’s gorgeous…

Travel Guide Savannah, Georgia


A Food Tour through the Hudson Valley and the Catskills

Since moving from New York to LA last year, I’ve realized the one thing I miss the most: my weekend trips to the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, about a hundred miles north of…

Travel Guide New York's Hudson Valley and the Catskills


Leaf-Peeping Season in the Berkshires

I just became a fall person. I’m an East Coaster, and to be honest, the charm of foliage was always if not lost, a little misplaced on me. Don’t get me wrong—crimson oak trees are certainly beautiful. But all those crunching…

Travel Guide Berkshires, Massachusetts


The New Orleans Guide

The first thing that hits you when you arrive in New Orleans is that it feels unlike anywhere else in the country (or the world, for that matter). No other city has the same fascinating sense of time and place—and no other city can lay claim to introducing the world to Creole cooking…


The Other Side of the Hamptons

The Hamptons—that thin spit of Long Island jutting into the Atlantic—is famous for its shingled mansions and manicured lawns, lobster rolls and social scene. But there’s another side to the East End that visitors tend to…

Travel Guide the Hamptons


48 Hours in Austin:
Where to Stay, What to Do, and What to Pack

Any local will tell you: Change is afoot in Austin. All it takes is a walk down South Congress Avenue to see for yourself. A Soho House and a third property from Liz Lambert—the queen…

Travel Guide Austin, Texas


The Hometown Guide: Atlanta

Former Glamour editor Ann Mashburn’s eponymous shop in Atlanta is a love song to the kind of boutiques that existed before fast fashion and online shopping. “When Sid and I moved here a decade ago, we knew exactly one person and next to nothing about the city…

Travel Guide Atlanta, Georgia


Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Weekend in Big Sur

Immortalized by writers like Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller for its isolated, wild beauty, Big Sur is a place that can leave the most traveled among us awestruck and speechless. Take our advice: Give yourself at least a long…

Travel Guide Big Sur


The Hometown Guide: Brooklyn

Few wind up with a multihyphenate career quite like Kerry Diamond’s. Diamond is an editor turned PR executive turned restaurateur turned editor again but this time in chief. Diamond and her cofounder Claudia Wu have been…

Travel Guide Brooklyn, New York


What’s New & Great in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, you may have heard, is having a renaissance. We’re not talking about an art renaissance. Or a snout-to-tail restaurant renaissance. Or a cute boutique hotel renaissance. We’re talking capital…

Travel Guide Los Angeles, California