This is not an especially strong career month Aries. And though your 10th house is strong, most of the power is below the horizon of your chart. Moreover, your career planet Saturn is retrograde. So, career issues will take time to resolve. Important career decisions should not be taken now. It is the time to gather more facts and attain true clarity. With your fourth house becoming very strong this month, especially after the 21st it is time to get your home family and emotional wellness in the right order. This will lay the groundwork for career success later on. Finances are good this month. Your financial planet is in the money house until the ninth. Then Venus will move into your third house and stay there for the rest of the month ahead. Venus in your third house shows the importance of sales marketing and good PR in your financial life. Love should also be good this month. Until the ninth romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals and perhaps with people involved in your finances. Wealth is a romantic turn on. But this will change after the 9th  when your love planet moves into your third house. Then you will be attracted to the person’s mind and communication skills. Mental compatibility will be as important as the other compatibilities. Health needs much more watching from the 21st onwards. As always make sure to get enough rest. Until the 4th  enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage, from the 4th to the 21st  give more attention to the diet and your emotional health. From the 27th  onwards give more attention to the heart.


The month ahead looks happy and prosperous. Health and energy are excellent. There are no planets, either short-term or long-term, in stressful alignment with you. This is another form of wealth. Though you look good and dress fashionably love is still complicated this month. Pluto is still retrograde and still traveling with Saturn. So, go slow in love and allow things to develop as they will. Singles are not likely to marry this month – nor does it seem advisable. Important love decisions should not be taken one way or another. Like last month the love issues might not be your fault. The beloved is having a difficult time. Singles should focus on quality rather than quantity. You seem more attracted to older, more settled kinds of people these days. Love is complicated, but the financial life is super. You are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak. After the 9th  you seem very personally involved in finance. Family seems very supportive this month. Your financial planet, Mercury, moves quickly this month. This shows financial confidence – someone who achieves financial goals quickly. After the 21st  as the Sun moves into your 3rd house, the focus shifts to communication and intellectual interests. A good month for students, teachers, writers, sales, marketing and advertising people. The mind is sharper than usual. Communication skills are at your personal best. Career opportunities are still seeking you out and you have the favor – the devotion – of bosses and higher ups in your life. The only issue with career is that most of the planets are below the horizon – so the focus is not there.


A Basically happy month Gemini. Enjoy. Many planets in your first house bring increased energy self-confidence and self-esteem. You are in a month of maximum personal independence. This is wonderful for having things your way and for making the changes you need to make for your personal happiness. However, you may have to tone this down a bit to enhance your love life. There is a need for more compromise with the current love. Things should get easier in love after the 21st. Finances look strong this month. Mars has been in your money house since May 16 and will be there the whole month ahead. Not only that but on the 21st as the Sun moves into your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Mars in your money house shows the importance of your social connections in earnings and they seem very supportive – especially your friends. Online activities and the good use of high-tech also seem important. A parent or parent figure seems active in your finances – in a good way. The Sun in your money house – the lord of your third house – shows the importance of sales, marketing, PR, and advertising in earnings. And, since you are the natural marketing person of the zodiac this is good financial news. Health is good this month but with your health planet retrograde all month, best not to make any dramatic changes here. Job seekers have to go slow and be careful with job opportunities. Job offers may not be what they seem.


Love needs a lot more work and effort this month especially from the 21st on words. Your love planet is not only retrograde all month but receives stressful aspects. The current love has had better times in life. Problems might not all be your fault. You are entering a period of maximum independence and self-will after the 21st. While this is good for getting your way, for self-esteem and self-confidence, it is not always that good for love. It is good now to make the changes that you need to make for your personal happiness. However, tone down the self-will when dealing with the current love. Finances seem excellent this month and will get even better next month. Your financial planet will be in your spiritual 12th house until the 21st. Thus, you have excellent financial intuition. You will learn that spirit is very concerned with your material well-being. Financial guidance is likely to come in dreams, through astrologers, psychics, and spiritual channels. After the 21st the Sun crosses your ascendant and moves into your own sign. This brings windfalls and financial opportunities. Nothing much you need to do; they will find you. You will probably spend more on yourself. You will adopt the image of a prosperous person and people will see you this way. A parent or parent figure seems very involved with you. Career opportunities are also seeking you out. Mars in your sign all month gives energy and dynamism. In spite of all the retrogrades (40% this month) you achieve things rather quickly. Watch the temper though. Do your best to avoid conflict.


Health and energy are excellent this month. By the 9th there will only be one planet in stressful alignment with you. You can enhance the health even further with back and spine massage, safe sex and sexual moderation. Listen to your body – it will let you know when enough is enough. Your health planet has been retrograde for some months and will be retrograde for many more months, so avoid making major changes to your health regime. You seem to be working hard. The job – and some of you have two jobs- is very demanding. But as with health this is not a time to make important job changes. Though your money house is empty, finances seem good this month. Mercury, your financial planet, is moving quickly. He moves through three signs and houses of your chart. Thus, financial progress is swift. You cover a lot of territory. Money can come to you in many ways and from many kinds of people. On the 27th Mercury will cross your ascendant and enter your first house. This is a very nice financial transit. It shows windfalls and a good financial attitude. The money people in your life are favorable towards you. You don’t need to do anything special to attract money or opportunity – it finds you. You are in a strong social period until the 21st, but its more about friendship and group activities than romance. A good period to expand your knowledge of high tech, science and astrology. After the 21st you enter a strong spiritual period.


Two important planets are out of bounds this month. Mercury, the Lord of your horoscope, is out of bounds from the 1st  to the 16th . Mars the ruler of your 8th  house, is out of bounds until the 12th. So, personally you are outside your normal sphere. Perhaps it is the career or your friends who are pulling you outside of your normal circle. Also, you seem sexually more experimental. The spouse, partner or current love is outside the normal sphere in his or her financial life – financial dealings. You are very successful this month, but you need to pay more attention to your health. Balancing a successful career with a successful home and domestic life is not easy. Make sure to get enough rest. Ankle massage and neck and throat massage will enhance the health. Love is happy this month especially from the 4th  to the 27th . There is good harmony with you and the beloved. Singles find romantic opportunity in the usual places, parties gatherings, places of entertainment – especially of a spiritual nature. The online world also seems a venue for love. Finances should be good this month especially after the 9th  as your financial planet crosses the midheaven and enters your 10th house. This shows that finances are high on your priorities. There is great focus here. This transit can bring pay raises – official or unofficial. Your good professional reputation is very important in earnings. Guard it well. Health and energy will improve dramatically after the 21st.


The health needs more watching this month especially after the 21st. Try to schedule more massages and perhaps spend more time in a health spa. As always foot massage will be powerful as will spiritual healing. If you watch your energy – do your best to maintain high energy levels – you should get through the month OK. Love seems very happy as Mars your love planet will be in your 10th house of career all month. This shows focus. It seems your number one priority. Like last month you are outside your normal sphere when it comes to love. Mars will move back in bounds on the 12th. So, you’ll be back in your normal social sphere. The month ahead is very successful. On the 21st you enter a yearly career peak. Your social grace, your likability, is a major factor in career success. Who you know is perhaps more important than your actual professional abilities. Your high-tech expertise and your good use of the online world is another major factor in success. Your work ethic seems very strong from the fourth to the 27th and superiors make note. Finances are better before the 21st then after. Though your career is going well the finances are slower than usual. You will just have to work harder for earnings than usual. If you put in the effort, the extra hours, prosperity will be good. But this is not the chart of a lottery winner. With your financial planet, Pluto, still retrograde, more due diligence is needed for important purchases or investments. There is probably career related travel this month.


Health and energy are very good this month. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal that you have in mind. Your challenge is to use this extra energy in positive and constructive ways. The month ahead seems sexually active. Whatever your age or stage in life libido is stronger than usual. As has been the case since April 10 your financial planet, Jupiter, is retrograde. So, earnings are happening but more slowly and with more delays. Finances will be much better and greater after the 21st then before. If you take the time to be more careful in your financial dealings – make sure all the little details are correct – you will minimize the delays and glitches. Power in the 8th house, your favorite house, is great for projects involving personal transformation and personal reinvention. It is also good for tax and estate planning. If you’re in the market for insurance this is a good month to buy some. The spouse partner or current love is having a very strong financial month. Students need to work harder in school. If they bear down, they will be successful. The love life tapers off this month – after the 9th – as Venus leaves your 7th house of love. But Uranus is still in your 7th house for the long haul. This month there is more socializing with the family and from home. Family and family connections are sources of romantic and social opportunity – but again, the stability of these things is in question.


You are still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak until the 21st and like last month there is a need to balance your interests with those of the beloved. Even singles are meeting people with opposite perspectives on things. So, the idea is to bridge the differences between you. Respect your own view and those of the other and somewhere there is middle ground. This month you socialize with different kinds of people – intellectuals, entertainers, health professionals and co-workers and high-tech people. The New Moon of the 3rd occurs in your 7th house (and is a particularly good social day). More importantly it will clarify love issues and questions as the month progresses. The issues in love have more to do with you than with the other. You’re not really sure what you want. Finances are better before the 21st than after. Your financial planet, Saturn, is still retrograde all month, so more due diligence and study is needed for major purchases or investments. Health needs more watching until the 21st. Maintaining harmony with the beloved and friends seems important health wise. Neck and throat massage enhance health until the 9th. After the 9th arm and shoulder massage will be good. After the 19th breathing exercises and fresh air seem important. Your 8th house is strong all month, but especially after the 21st. So, this is a good period for detox and weight loss regimes. (You have a tendency to put on the pounds these days.) Women of childbearing age are very fertile these days too. The month ahead is also good for projects involving personal transformation and reinvention.


The Lord of your Horoscope, Saturn, is retrograde all month. (In general, there is much retrograde activity in your chart anyway). Most of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart as well. So, set aside self-will for now. Let others have their way, so long as it isn’t destructive. Allow your good to come to you through others. Personal initiative – basically a good thing – is not that important now. Your social grace is important. Cars and communication equipment need more TLC until the 21st. Siblings and sibling figures likewise – they seem stressed. There is a strong focus on health until the 21st and this will stand you in good stead for later on (from the 21st onwards) when health will need more watching. With your health planet, Mercury, “out of bounds” until the 16th you are experimental in health matters – outside your normal sphere – outside the “box”. Probably there are no answers in your normal sphere, and you have to search outside. Work and the demands of work also take you outside your normal sphere. There are many work opportunities this month, either with your present situation or in another one. There will be opportunities for overtime and side jobs as well. Your 7th house of love becomes powerful after the 21st. (It is strong even before that, but even more so after.) So, you are in a yearly love and social peak now. Family and family members seem very involved here. There is more socializing at work and with co-workers. A current love relationship can have a “near death” kind of experience. Love seems very sexual these days. The sexual magnetism seems the most important thing. You’re meeting people who see things opposite the way you do. Though it is challenging, if you can bridge your differences, find middle ground, love can be very happy.


There is still a great focus on the home and family but less so than last month. This month the focus shifts to children and children figures in your life. A happy month. You are in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure period. You get on with children because you are a little bit of a child yourself. Children know how to be happy. Any excuse will do. So, this is a month for indulging the child within. Finances are a bit stressful this month. Your financial planet is receiving stressful aspects till the 21st. After the 21st your financial planet starts to retrograde, and this will go on for many more months. Earnings will come, but probably slower than usual. Neptune will retrograde for many months so you will not be able to stop your financial life, however you can exercise more caution and due diligence when making major purchases or investments. When in doubt do nothing. Health is good this month. There’s only one long-term planet stressing you, all the rest are either helping or leaving you alone. So, you have all the energy you need to achieve what you will. Your 6th house is powerful all month – this is a good time to do all that detail oriented – boring – jobs that you keep putting off. With the health good be careful of magnifying minor things into major ones. Love is about fun and games until the 21st. Love affairs are more likely than serious committed love. After the 21st love is at the workplace, with coworkers or people involved in your health.


Health still needs watching until the 21st. Overall the health is good, but this is not one of your best months. You’ll see a big improvement after the 21st. In the meantime, make sure, as always, to get enough rest. Enhance the health with chest massage all month, arm and shoulder massage until the 21st and more mindfulness about the diet after the 21st. Finances are good but need a lot more work. Though you are sorely tempted, speculations are not advisable. This is a month where you earn in happy ways and spend on happy things. Of itself this is a positive for finance. But Mars is receiving stressful aspects all month, so finance is not a smooth ride. It’s probably not a good idea to overspend on leisure pursuits. Home and family is still the main focus this month. Like last month, it’s all about creating a strong foundation for future career success. Like last month, Jupiter your career planet is still retrograde. So, avoid making major career changes or moves. Love is complicated. Not a smooth ride. Before the 6th there is more socializing at home and with the family. An old flame could come back into the picture (this could have happened last month too). This could happen after the 6th as well. The problem in love is that you might be trying to re-live old experiences instead of enjoying the now moment. The Lord of your Horoscope, Neptune, starts to retrograde on the 21st. Thus, you seem to lack direction. You’re not sure what you really want. Self-esteem and self-confidence could be better.