Let Mother Nature work her magic.

Man wasn’t made to be cooped up in cubicles, cars, and living rooms. Fortunately, we homo sapiens evolved to appreciate luxury alongside a healthy dose of nature. Comfort and fresh air pair harmoniously at the country’s greatest nature-centric resorts, offering that much-needed break from the doldrums.

But does Mother Nature have the power to heal? The short answer is a resounding yes.

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that stunning landscapes do a mind and body good. At these top destination resorts, opulence pairs with incredible environmental access that will connect you with nature.

Resorts like Dunton Hot Springs and The Point Resort utilize the power of water to restore, while the desert-enmeshed Amangiri harnesses the power of sandstone to invigorate. Trace the farm-to-table phenomenon to its origins at resorts like The Lodge at Primland, where the day’s harvest is the evening’s meal, or experience yoga in the serenity of the outdoors at Miraval Resort & Spa.

Destinations like Lake Austin Spa Resort have made it their mission to further integrate scientific evidence that nature heals. Last year, Lake Austin Spa introduced a new initiative called The Ripple Effect, offering year-round activities that capitalize on the resort’s lakefront setting. Activities such as floating meditation rely on the power of the lake to relax and reconnect, while a forest bathing hike brings the newest wellness trend to the nearby lake surroundings.

What is forest bathing?

Leave the soap and suds at the spa—forest bathing does not necessarily involve a cleansing dunk in water. In its simplest form, forest bathing is the act of being immersed in nature and focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings to promote physiological and psychological health. Forest bathing links back to shinrin-yoku, a Japanese healing practice that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and strengthen immune systems.

Checking into one of these resorts, your cell signal will wane as you recharge your own battery, summoning the power of the natural surroundings to center you and re-establish your focus. Swap the buzz of the city for backyards that unfurl to mountains, rivers, and deserts; there’s no replicating the charm and healing found at these top resorts.