The longest and most intimate relationship you will ever have is the one you have with your self. And yet, if you’re like most, it can feel downright impossible to fully and truly love and accept your body.

Have you ever spoken unkind words about your weight? Deflected a compliment, only to follow it up with a self-appointed jab? Have you ever been angry with your appearance, or cursed that extra inch you’re able to pinch around your middle? It’s OK, dear one. We all have, we all do. But, hear me when I say this: You don’t have to do that anymore.

This year, you can—you will—love your body.

I propose we collectively make a shift: What if this year, we start the New Year not from a place of lack or fear, but from a place of acceptance and love? What if instead of trying to reach some number on a scale, we seek to feel comfortable in our skin? What if instead of trying to look a certain way, we set the intention to live a certain way. What if this year, instead of “New Year, New Me,” our mantra is, “New Year, Same Amazing, Unique, Exceptionally Beautiful Me?”

To start the process, we must first shift the current lens through which we see ourselves from one of criticism to one of love. You know the saying, “Do unto others as you would do to yourself?” Instead, I propose we think about it this way: “Do unto yourself as you would do to others.” Let this be the motivation behind how we see our bodies, and let’s start treating ourselves as if we are our own children, lovers, and best friends.

I have slapped myself in the face before out of frustration with my body. I would never do that to a child. I have yelled “I hate you” into the mirror even though I wouldn’t dare say that to someone I love. I have risked my life for the sake of five more pounds. I would never put a friend in that kind of danger. What if we loved ourselves as much as we love those we care about most? Or, here’s a radical thought: What if we loved ourselves more?

As yogis we have the ultimate tool box to make these shifts happen. We have tools to help us ground in the present, get clear on reality, and help us shift from negative self-talk to body-positive thinking. We have tools to help us access a place inside that is strong, expansive, and already perfect.

These 5 powerful poses will help you love your body this year—and beyond.