New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, beautiful, and inspiring countries in the world. The North Island is filled with vibrantly colored geothermal pools, and the South Island is dotted with snow-capped mountains towering over blue lakes. With this stunning scenery surrounding you almost anywhere you go, there’s just something inherently soothing about the island nation.

Even better is the fact that you can effectively double down on this natural tranquility and peacefulness by taking advantage of the wellness centers, spas, and even yoga studios around the country. And if that sounds like the perfect self-care trip to you, we’d point you toward these places to start.

1. Nadi Wellness Centre, Queenstown

If you’re looking into the South Island at all, you’ve probably heard that Queenstown is a place you shouldn’t skip. There are lots of cool things to do there, mostly consisting of adrenaline rush-inducing activities like bungy jumping and jetboating. But the fact that most visit Queenstown for adventure means that the city has also given rise to a lot of world-class relaxation opportunities, for those tender hours after a strenuous outdoor excursion or activity. Here, we’re specifically highlighting the holistic Nadi Wellness Centre. Like most other spas, Nadi offers classic services like massages and facials, but what makes it unique is that its treatment rooms have stunning mountain views. Additionally, Nadi offers several natural treatment methods like acupuncture and the ancient Japanese practice of reiki. While some people doubt the effectiveness of the latter method, there are others that preach it’s mental and physical benefits. And at the very least, it can certainly relax you!

2. East Day Spa, Auckland

There is a good reason why this spot has gained a reputation as the best hotel spa in the country! The spa is part of Auckland’s SkyCity complex, which also contains other hotels, restaurants, a spectacular observation tower, and a casino. The casino is perhaps the most notable attraction, though given New Zealand’s thriving online gaming market, some of the complex’s other offerings and activities have become more important. In other words, with more people playing casino games online, it behooves a venue like this to make sure it has appeal beyond gaming. The East Day Spa demonstrates how SkyCity has successfully expanded its appeal. It’s a wonderful, tranquil facility with 12 intimate treatment rooms and various types of therapy sessions. You can also get a manicure or pedicure if you visit (which not every spa or wellness center offers), and if you’re a guest at the hotel, you can even have one of the therapists come to give you a massage in the comfort of your own room.

3. Aro-Ha Retreat Centre, Glenorchy

This last stop will be more of a traditional wellness retreat, with most of services lasting for several nights at a time. Glenorchy is on the same stunning lake as Queenstown (Lake Wakatipu), so you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of the same views from the Nadi Wellness Centre, with fewer tourists in the vicinity. These views play an important role in the self-care process, particularly given the outdoor yoga sessions and shared tea with others on the retreat. Although the venue is a bit isolated, it is certainly not lacking in architectural beauty. Described as “zen inspired luxury,” the center has won awards from esteemed names such as Vogue Magazine. And the same facilities are all the more impressive when you realize that they are self-sustaining; the buildings run completely on renewable energy, and the food served is locally sourced and organic.